ALOM Clinic

The Alpha and Omega Medical Mission (ALOM) Clinic is an outgrowth of a Christian ministry began by the North Carolina Baptist Men (NCBM) following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti where they provided remote clinics to serve victims of the disaster.

A new Alpha Omega Medical Ministry was inaugurated on July 1, 2013 under the direction of Dr. Vadimyr Roseau. Co-directors are Dr. Merline Milien Roseau and Dr. Francise Milien. All three were trained at the Haitian Academy under Dr. Marie Pologne Rene to deliver quality health care at an affordable cost and to serve their fellow Haitians regardless of their ability to pay. Following their volunteer service post-earthquake, they began practicing medicine in a rented house. In 2016, hearts and hope for Haiti in cooperation with the St. Luke's United Methodist church and other friends, began to help plan the new clinic facility. Four acres of land were purchased and the building began.  The building was dedicated April 1st, 2019 and immediately they moved from the 2-bedroom house they rented and served as the ALOM Clinic in Cabaret.

This clinic will include a birthing room, 4 exam rooms, a lab, a pharmacy, a dentist's office, and eye doctor's office and a Surgical Center where visiting doctors from the US can serve.

Dr. Vlad sent this current report of operations in December, 8 months after opening the new Clinic:

    1. 12,660 patients served since opening
    2. 1900 patients served who could not pay
    3. 3,794 patients served in remote area clinics
    4. 35 employees, doctors, nurses, security, housekeeping
    5. 40 summer high school student interns mentored, June to August, to learn about careers, medicine and the joy of giving.

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