School of Hope 

The School of Hope was started in 2012 by Pastor Termitus Milien, father of Drs. Francise and Merline, near Cotes-de-Fer, a remote site along the southwestern coast of Haiti. Built of bamboo logs, the building housed school rooms for Pre-School-8 children, a church, and living quarters for the family. Students were charged a registration fee $1.04 and $12.05 for tuition. Annual incomes of $200 (then) made it difficult for all to pay. However, they were served anyway. Teacher's salaries that year ranged from $225 for lower level grades to $600-1000 for the year, grades 6-8 which had the largest number of students. Our three doctors paid for the teachers, books, school supplies, uniforms that first year. 50% of the students completed the year. Those who could not pay were not turned away.

In 2013 Hearts and Hope for Haiti began to help with money for fabric for school uniforms, teacher salaries, school supplies and books as needed. In 2014, we began a hot lunch program with money for food and cooking equipment and feeding supplies. Also, we supplied Vita Mamba, a multi-vitamin in peanut butter for each child each day they attended school. With little to eat in the home, the students benefit from this addition to their diet.

Currently the School of Hope serves 150 students, Pre-school thru grade 12. All students must pass the state tests. If not, they attend summer sessions. We continue to provide hot lunches and daily Vita Mamba. In addition, we have purchased a generator, a basic utility vehicle for transportation, and a water purifying system for safe drinking water from rain water off the roof.